Comtech North America Over 25 years of providing quality solutions for spring & parts separating and feeding, wire & strip handling and fabrication and laser marking applications.
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Our Products

Spring & Parts Separating / Feeding

Efficiency and innovation is what defines our parts feeding technology for hard-to-feed or difficult-to-separate parts and springs, providing solutions for sorting & orienting mass produced parts for automation. These parts include snap rings, circlips, saw rings, compression, extension and torsion springs with closed and open ends, O-rings, clips of all shapes and sizes, pins and more.

In-Line Spring Coiling / Spring Testing,
Spring Detangling Machinery

Click on this link to find out all about in-line spring coiling systems for automated manufacturing, process control and heat treatment of springs. Coiling systems designed to deliver springs on demand to an operator or directly to the point of assembly. Easily integrated into an assembly process, these spring coiling systems have the ability to deliver only "good" springs to the final assembly, sorting our springs that do not meet the required tolerances. Solutions for manual and semi automated applications for spring and parts handling.

Wire and Strip Handling & Fabrication

Our wire straighteners are ideally suited to remove "cast" or "helix" from round wire as well as flatten strip material. In many cases even strip "camber" can be controlled. We also provide Precision Wire Straighteners that can handle wire diameters up to .375" (9.4mm).

Feeder Bowl Technology

Vibratory & Centrifugal Feeding Systems recognized for their innovative designs and their attention to building reliable, high quality systems for a multitude of customers and industries that include Automotive, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food/Drug, Medical, Military and more.

Laser Marking Systems

A leader in the manufacturing of industrial lasers for material processing. Our laser markers have a world-wide reputation for offering customized turnkey systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From table-top systems to fully integrated automated systems, we can provide you with a machine that will meet your laser marking requirements.

Made in the USA is a label we proudly display. This also indicates that most of the products or services are manufactured or performed here in America. This helps ensure the fastest service, availability and expediting of machines and parts.


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