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Drum Technology for Spring & Parts Separating / Feeding

Available Products:

Automated Separating & Conveying Machinery

Automated Solutions for Detangling and Conveying Bulk Materials

Most components supplied in the form of bulk material (e.g. springs, pins, sleeves, screws, rivets, locking rings, bent wire parts) are usually extensively tangled in each other, making it difficult to separate the individual parts. Manual separation and conveying during production is very time consuming and leads to higher costs which no one can afford today. Our conveying technology automates and accelerates this procedure. An ejection rate of up to 400 parts per minute can be realized, leading to an enormous increase in productivity. Valuable time is saved and costs are drastically reduced.

Reliable Function and Varying Conveying Speed

The bulk material enters the drum via the funnel. A number of mechanisms carefully separate the material and move it to the conveying track. The parts are positioned correctly here by special baffles. They are then conveyed via channels, custom-shaped tracks or tubes, to be separated (the medium depends on the shape of the part).The drum and drive assembly of the basic unit has a diameter of between 200mm and 650mm, adapted to suit the respective bulk material being separated. The drum and conveying speeds can be continually regulated.

From Components to Assembly System

Comtech solutions are tailored solutions. We develop, design, and construct the following to suit your requirements:

• Individual components (drum, conveying tracks, linear conveyors, transfer units)
• Complete conveyor systems
• Combination and chain-linkage of conveying units
• Complete assembly systems
• Special machines produced to your or our design specifications

Multiple Track Conveyance

Multiple track conveyance is possible, thanks to the Technical principle, on which the drum is based. Four to five tracks are usually sufficient, but We have built systems with up to 43 tracks. The number of tracks depends on the desired conveying output, and the size and shape of the parts. The shape of the part also determines the track size and shape, and the manner in which parts are readied, although the overall concept is based on customer specific requirements.

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