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The biggest difference between our spring coilers and other ordinary coilers is the fact that a delivery solution is incorporated in the purchase. This means that there is no need to use vibratory feeders, pick and place units or manual labor to get the spring from the coiler to the end product. We offer delivery solutions that work in everything from fully automated product lines to manual assembly stations. Whether the springs are supposed to be mounted in a hole or on an axis we offer customized delivery solutions according to your application and needs.

Accessories are used exclusively with the following line of products:

  • Pick-up station
  • Pen dispenser
  • Escapement
  • Spring selector
  • Dereelers

View the accessories Video here (Windows Media Streaming)


Pick-Up station

If the coiler is serving a manual assembly station with springs, we offer simple and reliable solutions. Our Pick-Up station lets the operator manually pick springs from the unit. A hose feeds the spring, which is picked by a simple hand movement off a swivel pin. An inductive proximity switch senses each movement and signals the delivery of a new spring to the pickoff station.

Each time a spring is picked a 24VDC signal triggers the coiler to manufacture and send a new spring to the Pick-Up station.

Pen dispenser

Another solution is our Pen Dispenser, which in a similar manner lets the operator use a pen resembling unit to mount the springs in the end product. Every time the button on the pen is pressed the coiler is triggered to deliver a spring through the Pen Dispenser. This unit is especially suitable when manually assembling small springs in holes.

The pencil is connected to a hose, which feeds the springs. The pencil is available in aluminum or in stainless steel.


Escapement is for spring feeding at a given signal. Ideal for spring supply from a queue to the pencil dispenser, pickoff station or directly to the assembly point. Can be expanded with several adjoining stations.

Spring Selector

Spring selectors are an option for the coiling machine where 2 - 4 springs can be delivered to the same or different locations. For 5 outlets or more, it is necessary to integrate with the Orbit Distribution System.

PP2 Spring Selector is for "batch" delivery and is a pneumatic/mechanical system. The PP2 will deliver 2 springs into 2 outlet tubes every time the machines receives a start signal.

IPP2 Spring Selector
is an electronically controlled system with 2 independent outlets, each outlet having a switch that can give a start signal. For each signal one spring is produced and delivered to the corresponding outlet tube.

IPP4 Spring Selector
similar to the  IPP2, this system is designed with 3 - 4 independent outlets, each with its own switch that can produce a start signal.



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