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Automated Spring Coiling Machinery

Our coilers are designed to manufacture and deliver springs as part of an in-line assembly process and can feed springs to a single point of assembly or to several points on an assembly line. Using the our system, it is possible to distribute springs to widely separated points of use. The spring winders are able to coil springs “on-demand”, which means that the coiler receives a signal from the assembly and delivers a spring based on the customer’s required feed rate

Pneumatic coilers

The pneumatic coiler is designed to be a simple and reliable machine that easily can be integrated into an automated assembly line and offers solutions to many high volume handling problems of compression springs. Our pneumatic coilers can manufacture springs by using air only. This means that no electricity is needed. The coiler’s movement is created by a pneumatic cylinder and the shape of the manufactured springs, are controlled by cams.

Pneumatic coilers can be used together with many post manufacturing options such as heat treatment, load control and length control. Read more about the post manufacturing options here.


There are many advantages with a pneumatic coiler:
- The springs can be fed to more then one assembly point.
- No programming of the machine has to be done.
- Requires very little space
-“on demand manufacturing” One start signal generates one spring.

There are two models of pneumatic spring coilers:


The C200P is designed to produce cylindrical compression springs and uses one cam to control the movement of the pitch tool.

View the C200P Video here (Windows Media Streaming)


The C300P can produce both cylindrical and conical compression springs. This spring winder has a cam to control the movement of the pitch tool and has an additional cam for controlling the spring diameter.

View the C200P Video (Windows Media Streaming)

CNC-based Spring Coilers

The CNC-based spring coilers have been designed to offer an even more stable coiling process by making it possible to use a full range of post manufacturing options. The CNC-based coilers use servo motors and servo drives to ensure stable and smooth motions that easily can be programmed. Between one and three servo axes are used to control the coiler's motions. The number of axes depends on the type of coiler that is used and the type of spring that is being manufactured.

There are two versions of the same machine:
Some of the CNC-based spring coilers are available with either Allen Bradley or Beckhoff controls. This allows each customer to choose the control system that is most suitable to them.

The two systems offer the same possibilities and options and are equal in their capabilities. The main difference is that the Allen Bradley system is controlled by a PLC and the Beckhoff system by a PC. The PC-version offers the possibility to use a Windows based interface.

The CNC-benefit

Some of the CNC-based spring coilers have the ability to adjust their movements while running, in order to always reach the preset spring dimensions. This can be done if the Length Check and/or Diameter Check options are used. These options measure each spring's length and/or diameter and send the collected data back to the PLC where the data is evaluated. If necessary the PLC or PC will adjust the servo axes' movements in order to reach the preset length and/or diameter value.

CNC Advantages

There are many advantages with a CNC-based coiler:

  • Unlimited wire feed
  • All post manufacturing options can be used
  • One coiler can be programmed to manufacture numerous different types of springs
  • Change over time between different springs can be extremely short
  • The possibility to receive production statistics
  • The possibility to use the feedback options

A number of different spring coilers are available. Each one has a specific purpose:

C412T and C512T CNC-based spring coiler

The C412T and C512T coilers are designed to manufacture cylindrical springs. The movements of the coilers are controlled by two axes. One controls the wire feed and one controls the spring's pitch. The C412T is Allen Bradley based and the C512T is Beckhoff-based.

View the CNC-Based Coiler Video here (Windows Media Streaming)

C413T and C513T CNC-based spring coiler

The C413T and C513T coilers are designed to manufacture conical springs or cylindrical springs with high pitch. The movements of the coilers are controlled by three servo axes. The first controls the wire feed, the second controls the pitch and the third controls the spring diameter. The C413T is Allen Bradley based and the C513T is Beckhoff-based.

View the 413T Video here (Windows Media Streaming)

View the 513T Video here (Windows Media Streaming)

C411O CNC-based spring coiler

The C411O with gripper makes torsion springs. It works with a simple PLC-unit that controls the motion. The coiler has no pitch-tool and is designed to manufacture torsion springs with straight legs.

View the C411O Video here (Windows Media Streaming)

C413R CNC-based spring coiler

The C413R is a coiler specially designed to manufacture square-shaped oblong springs. The spring is coiled by using a rotating coiling center specially designed for each spring.

View the C423R Video here (Windows Media Streaming)

C111 CNC-based spiral coiler

The CNC-based spiral coiler has been designed to offer a stable coiling process of spirals, without using a mandrel. The CNC-based coilers use servo motors and servo drives to ensure stable and smooth motions that can easily be programmed. The spiral coiler uses one servo axis to control the wire feed length.


A wide range of pneumatic and electric wire dereelers are also available for our CNC-based coilers.



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