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The Concept

Our spring coilers are designed to be placed at a customer’s manufacturing or assembly facility. Here they are usually integrated into the assembly process, close to the point where the springs are needed.

The process begins when the assembly line sends a signal to the coiling system (1)which takes place when a spring is needed. This electrical signal triggers the coiler which will cut and deliver the spring in a tube to the Orbit system (2) or directly to the point of assembly. During this process another spring is coiled and awaits the signal to cut and repeat the delivery process. This “On Demand” feature, eliminates any tangling of springs and only delivers springs to the assembly point as needed.

In the Orbit the load and length of all manufactured springs can be tested. The springs can also be heat treated in order to reduce the built in stress. Any spring that is not with in the required tolerances is sorted out before additional springs are delivered, allowing only “good” springs to reach the final assembly.

After being tested in the Orbit, the spring are blown through a tube to a specific point in the assembly line (3)where the springs are mounted in the manufactured product.

Our concept allows the users to configure a system that suits their needs the best. This means that the customer can choose which spring designs should be manufactured, how they should be tested, where they should be delivered and how they should be oriented into their assembly.


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