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In-Line Spring Coiling / Testing, Spring Detangling Machinery

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Springs themselves are often a very inexpensive component in an assembly, however the problems created in detangling and handling them can greatly affect your efficiency and productivity. Our products can help in these assembly areas.

All of our spring coilers are designed to integrate with an assembly line and to meet each customer's requirements of feed rate, spring design and tolerances.

Springs can be fed to one designated assembly point or to several different positions on the assembly line, all from one coiling system. If an operator is assisting in the assembly process, springs can be fed "on demand" (one spring at a time) to a pick off device for easy retrieval. All of the coiling and spring delivery methods are designed to eliminate any spring tangling problems.

For smaller production runs our automated detanglers/feeders are a great choice. Springs are loaded into the detangler and fed through tubes or transported via gripper systems to an operator or directly to the point of assembly.

If you assemble springs by hand, you may want to consider our manual spring detanglers. Springs are dropped into the top of these units and separated springs are dispersed onto a tray for easy retrieval.

Our spring detanglers are considered to be the best in the industry, using only the highest quality materials. There are many imitators on the market but with Comtech you can be sure you are buying a quality spring handling machine.


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