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Manual Spring & Parts Detanglers

We offers four different manual spring detangler (separator) models. The design and the size of the springs are the most important factors when deciding which model of detangler is best suited for a specific application.

By eliminating time-consuming manual untangling of springs, your company will be able to reduce scrap rates, increase productivity and thereby save money.

Our line of table top spring detanglers provides efficient tools to eliminate the handling problems associated with the manual assembly of cylindrical and conical springs. The Micro, Mini, Big and Maxi are easy to operate and can work with a variety of spring sizes and shapes without re-tooling, or any special fittings. While specifically designed for springs, the machines also work well with numerous other metal and plastic parts, including rings, fasteners, clips, etc. Small handfuls of parts are dropped into the top of each unit, separated and distributed out onto a tray for easy retrieval.

Cut Down Your Costs:

By eliminating time-consuming untangling at individual assembly stations you reduce the cost of each part, increase productivity and save money. Compact and quick to connect, our spring separators are designed to be put directly on the table without any special tooling.


Micro is a pneumatic spring separator for very small springs. Springs area dropped into the cylinder. When the edge of the tray is pushed inward, the air jet is activated which detangles the springs and drops them onto the tray. If the springs come out too fast or are not untangled, the air pressure can be adjusted.

View the Micro Video here (Windows Media Streaming)


Mini is the original table top spring detangler which runs continuously and quietly with an electric motor and can handle many types of springs, including conical, without resetting. Springs dropped into the top are separated by an air current generated by the blades on the rotating plate. They are blown up to the outlet and out onto the tray. Unseparated springs are dropped back into the Mini for re-separation.

View the Mini Video here (Windows Media Streaming)


Big is an electric model that untangles heavier springs. The Big is a very versatile model that can untangle springs or parts in many different sizes and shapes. A large opening allows loading of even very tangled parts. Separation is quick and efficient. The Big is controlled by a frequency converter for an even safer function. By adjusting the speed with the knob on the front it's easy to change the capacity and the separating function. This spring detangler also comes with an adjustable flue to regulate the rate of springs dispersing onto the tray.

View the Big Video here (Windows Media Streaming)


Maxi is the largest of the our manual detanglers designed to handle the most difficult sized springs and parts. Tangled parts are loaded into the top of the unit, where they are separated and delivered through the chute on the front of the separator. Controlled by a frequency converter for a more efficient operation, the Maxi can handle springs up to 45 mm in diameter, 75 mm in length and 15 grams in weight.

View the Maxi Video here (Windows Media Streaming)

Detangler Capabilities

The dimensions of the spring are the most important factor when deciding which spring detangler model should be used. Another factor to consider is how badly the spring tangling problem affects your productivity. We will gladly test your springs in order to determine which model is best suited for your application and provide you with our recommendation along with a written quotation.

Technical Data

Outside Diameter

Free length

Power Supply

Air Supply









Max 4 mm

Max 6.5 mm


Min 5.5 bar

2.6 kg


2-11 mm

Max 35 mm



3.1 kg


5-25 mm

Max 50 mm



19 kg


10-35 mm

Max 65 mm



33 kg

Please note that the specifications listed above are to only provide you with an idea of which detangler might work best with your springs. We will evaluate any spring or spare part you are considering and match the appropriate detangler to your specific spring or part design.
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