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Laser Marking Systems

Our laser marking systems have achieved a strong market position as a manufacturer and specialist of industrial lasers for material processing. These high-quality laser systems are often deployed in the production field to ensure fraud resistant product identification including bar coding, U.I.D., serialization etc.

Our laser marking systems are ISO 9001:2000; CE; and CSA certified.

  1. Warranty, Loaner Program and Lifetime Technical Support Provide Complete Stability for Production Environments.
  2. Turn-key integrated Work Stations, Class 1 Enclosures, Rotary Marking, X-Y-Z Batch Marking Stations, Custom Parts Pallets and Bar Code Readers ensure Maximum Productivity.
  3. Easy to Use Software for Fast Set-up and Operation.
  4. UID/Bar code Wizards for 2D and Linear Bar Codes.
  5. Integrated Sequential Serial Numbering for Part Tracking.
  6. Zero Maintenance with Double Sealed Optics & Electronics.


An engraving effect can in principle be achieved on metals of all kinds by means of a Nd:YAG, YV04, Fiber or Green Laser. The depth of engraving depends merely on the power of the laser system and on the speed with which the laser beam is moved over the part.

When marking precious metal, very dark to black local structural changes, so-called temper colors, can be achieved, by modifying the temperature action of the laser beam. The advantage of this marking process is on the one hand the means to create strongly contrasting marking, and on the other, the fact that although this marking process has a deep action in the material, no, or only extremely minimal debris occurs on the edges of the marking.
Even anodized aluminum parts can be marked appealingly and with rich contrast.

The anodized layer is either worn down by the Nd:YAG laser, or is bleached with other laser parameters. The results speak for themselves!


Almost all plastics mark extremely well and the process is used on products in almost every industry that include, automotive dashboard dispays, identification badges, computor keyboards and keys, electrical switches, medical devices, etc. etc. Given its indelible nature, laser marking is an ideal choice for barcodes and other forms of inconspicuous tracking. An added benefit of laser marking plastics is environmental: with no inks or solvents used the impact is very minimal. As costs lower, this factor becomes a decisive one for many environmentally conscious companies and individuals. Sending samples is always the best way to find out if your plastic parts are compatible with laser marking. Most plastics mark well with our 1064nm marker; others may work better with the 532nm wavelength.

Silicon Wafers

Silicon wafers are often marked with data matrices and serial numbers. The wavelength of choice is usually 532nm, but in some applications 1064nm may work better. Once again, sending samples is always the best way to find out which of our laser marking systems is best suited for your application.


Acceptable marks can be obtained with ceramics, depending on their composition. Black alumina marks well, as does TTZ. 1064nm and 532nm seem to yield the same result. Several kinds of marks can be applied to ceramic parts. Ceramics can be marked both in unfired and fired states, with color change or engraving, depending on the composition. The pre-fire marks withstand high temperature heat treatment and would be useful for identifying tile bodies before glazing or ceramic containers used in high temperature manufacturing processes. The materials used to make these marks are similar to those used for marking glass.


Some Gemstones can be marked, depending on their color and clarity.


Silicone rubber, such as is used in breast implants or in baby bottles marks very well with a 532nm marker.

Printing Plate

Another application method is to employ appropriate laser systems for the production of printing plates. This new processing method offers an alternative solution to conventional inkjet printers or etching and is applied primarily in the field of advertising media, printing and stamping industries - and this even worldwide. The advantages of printing plate production with our laser systems are quite versatile, as the systems are owning an extremely fine and even beam-geometry achieving sharp edges and depth of sharpness. This fact will guarantee even ablation of surface material with just little surface roughness. Furthermore, it will be possible to create flexible printing plates, enabling the customer to modify the actual layout any time, which represents an important option for order-related data. The user may also import different logos of his customers directly into the software. And last, but not least, there will be no need of using chemical aids or substances during the whole process.

UM-1 Economy Laser Marking System

Ultra-compact 2 watt system, powerful intuitive software, can run on batteries. Fits your workflow. Class I enclosure available.
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U-Series Industrial Laser Marking System

High power laser marker in a compact package, optimized for high speed production environments, higher energy density for faster, deeper engraving, advance communication options.
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UF-20 Fiber Laser Marking System

Fiber laser 20 watt system, fast setup, Easy integration. Class I enclosure available.
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UG Series Green Laser (532) Marking System

For hard-to-mark surfaces, highly reflective metals semiconductors, rubbers and soft plastics, 100% higher power density, twice the resolution, the most compact green laser marker available, 3 year warranty.
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Laser Accessories can expand the Capabilities of your Laser Marking System

Our accessories for Laser Marking system includes: Class one safety enclosures, focusing lenses to adjust size of the marking area, Rotary Chuck for inside and outside marking cylinders, Laser safety goggles, mounting & fixturing stands and barcode scanners and readers and UID verifiers.
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DPSS Laser Series 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm

DPSS laser systems feature single mode (TEM00)beam operation and the shortest Q-Switch pulse duration among same class lasers.
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